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Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are seen walking the eldest son
Publicado no dia 25.10.2015 por arquivado nas categorias: Brian Austin Green , Candids , Megan Fox , Noah , Photos

Megan Fox was seen next to Brian Austin Green this Friday, October 23, while they were walking with the eldest son, Noah.

The parents decided to take her son to eat breakfast near where they live and also for the children’s Karate class on the outskirts of Toluca Lake, California.

Megan Fox seemed relaxed in every way, because he was wearing a casual look quite comfortable and wasn’t so upset about the presence of the paparazzi. She wore a Black sweatshirt emblazoned with a skull, while his feet were a pair of running shoes sports model for day to day also wore a tank top and a camouflage sweatshirt. Already on your face there was no trace of makeup. As Brian, she also chose to protect the eyes under a pair of stylish sunglasses.

Check out the images disclosed below:

(After breakfast)

(Leaving the class Karate)

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